"Dear ASBC, the iPad has been an amazing gift for the students here at Angevine. We use it almost every period. Students who are not able to talk find it incredibly valuable when taking tests, working in a group or communicating with the general education teacher. The immediate accessibility to what is happening in the classroom in the moment is amazing. Having the iPad creates a whole new level of inclusion.Thank you for thinking of us. The gift of the iPad does more to help kids with autism than I can possibly describe."

- Lynn Wysolmierski, Angevine Middle School, Lafayette

First Responders Training


Another component of ASBC's Education Programming is the First Responders Autism Training Program for police and fire departments and EMTs in Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Created by one of the co-founders of ASBC, who still conducts these training sessions, this program teaches first responders about the differences in individuals with autism, particularly in regards to communication, a lack of awareness of dangerous situations and the tendency of some of these individuals to wander and pose threats to their own safety, and how best to assist in an emergency.