"The Heatherwood ILC would like to send a big thank you to the ASBC Education Committe for the amazing iPads that we now have in our classroom due to your generous grant. Students are using the iPads in the ILC as well as their general education classrooms to access a wide variety of apps, and have easy access to the Internet for quick information or videos on topics that are being taught. Students are learning to read, write and do math in a very interactive way, and how to regulate their behaviors with Social Stories. Thank you so much for your generous support in helping our amazing students reach their full potential."

- Sylvia Parga-Ray, Heatherwood Elementary, Boulder

First Responders Training


Another component of ASBC's Education Programming is the First Responders Autism Training Program for police and fire departments and EMTs in Boulder and Broomfield Counties. Created by one of the co-founders of ASBC, who still conducts these training sessions, this program teaches first responders about the differences in individuals with autism, particularly in regards to communication, a lack of awareness of dangerous situations and the tendency of some of these individuals to wander and pose threats to their own safety, and how best to assist in an emergency.