"My son was a recipient of the Jack Ferrigno/Send a Kid to Camp grant, and he will get to spend two weeks at summer camp at the Longmont Humane Society. Because of your grant and the generosity of Chef Brett Smith, my son could immerse himself in something that he loves to do and that makes him feel confident and productive. Because of his Asperger’s, he often feels out of tune with other people, but he always feels in harmony with cats and dogs. Thank you for giving that to him. You are an amazing organization. Thank you for all of your efforts, hard work and kindness."

- M.K.

Online Support

From wherever you are, 24×7 connection with other parents or caregivers can provide you with answers to pressing questions or just a place to vent and let off steam. It’s also a good place to form new connections that can lead to meet-ups and new friends.

Boulder Autism Support: A group of parents in Boulder/Longmont/Louisville/Lafayette/Broomfield that shares biomedical intervention suggestions and strategies, school district/special education ideas and expertise, and the joys and sorrows of parenting a child with autism. Go to Boulder_Autism_Support at Yahoo! Groups to apply for membership.

Denver Biomed Support: Group of parents in the Greater Denver Metro area that shares and discusses issues surrounding the biomedical alternatives in treating autism. This includes dietary interventions, supplements, chelation, IVIG, alternative medicine, testing, etc. Go to denverbiomed at Yahoo! Groups to apply for membership.

Information provided on both the Boulder Autism Support and Denver Biomed Support groups is for informational and/or educational purposes only. The information is not intended to be, and should not be, used as a substitute for professional legal, educational or health care advice. These groups are NOT affiliated with the Autism Society of Boulder County, and the views and opinions expressed within these groups are not necessarily the views and opinions of ASBC. 

If you have started an online group that you’d like the ASBC community to know about, please send that information to secretaryautismboulder@gmail.com