"I would like to thank you for your support in providing us with a Jack Ferrigno/Send a Kid to Camp grant. Special thanks to Chef Brett Smith and his team at Zolo Southwestern Grill in Boulder. With your generous support, my daughter just had two meaningful summer camp [experiences]. She loved the activities, especially archery, the climbing wall, dancing and swimming. My daughter is still very proud that she had been announced the award twice in front of the whole camp. It is definitely a beautiful memory for her and helped her sequence motor tasks, improve her core strength and coordination, and assist her with sensory regulation. Again, thank you for your kindly support."

- L.L.

ASBC's Family Activities

Open Gym at Airborne Gymnastics

Bring the entire family out to Airborne Gymnastics for ASBC's Open Gym and let your kids burn off some energy. This event is free and open to kids of all ages who have ASD, as well as their siblings and parents and/or grandparents. We have the gym to ourselves for 90 minutes. For everyone's safety, parents must remain in the gym the entire time to supervise their own children and everyone must abide by the following rules: only one child per trampoline at a time, no adults on the equipment, and no children in restricted areas. Visit http://airbornegym.com for more information about Airborne Gymnastics. Make sure you note which location, Longmont or Frederick, when you rsvp to the open gym at familyactivities@autismboulder.org



Progresh is an innovative training center dedicated to ski, snowboard, skateboard, BMX and tumbling progression, in a safe and comfortable environment. Their mission is to provide a unique action sports experience, for all skill levels, to Colorado’s Front Range and beyond. This event is open to people of all ages who have ASD, as well as their siblings, friends, and family. Located at 9499 Washington Street, Suite 50, Thornton, CO, Directions and Map. The cost is a $5 optional donation per participant. RSVP to Julie Darrow at info@autismboulder.org by the day prior to the event. If you haven't given this activity a try because you feel you or your child needs a more gradual introduction to the facility and the rules, then please contact Julie Darrow at info@autismboulder.org to set up a 1:1 private session. This is not intended to be a free private lesson to improve skills. It is meant to facilitate a gradual introduction for a person with autism who needs extra support with new environments and sensory stimuli. We have the entire facility to ourselves for the first hour. The second hour they will be open to the public. This is similar to the open gym format, however all participants need to arrive promptly for safety orientation and to sign waivers. Parents or guardians are required to remain at the facility. Progresh coaches will guide us as we explore all Progresh has to offer. This includes trampolines, airbags, tumbling, skateboarding, indoor ski/snowboard and more. Click here to learn more about Progresh


Gateway Park

Usually once per year, ASBC invites families and friends to Gateway Park in North Boulder to enjoy a few hours of fun riding go-karts, playing miniature golf, try out the batting cages, and playing video games. It's fun for the whole family!

Mid-Air Adventures
Annual Camping and Rafting Trip

For the second year, Emmy Conroy and Shelly Brandt organized a family camping and rafting trip near Kremlin, CO. We partner with NCSD to provide a fun and safe rafting experience for anyone who wants to join in. 

Family Picnic
This year ASBC's Family Picnic was held at beautiful Waneka Lake in Lafayette, CO. Some rode the paddle boats, some brought their fishing gear, and all had a great time connecting with other families and friends.