Register Now for Imagine!'s ASD Program

Posted on Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Register Now for Imagine!'s ASD Program    Imagine! is encouraging more families to register for its ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) Program. Currently, the waitlist is short enough that more applicants are needed in order for Imagine! to enroll 20 individuals this coming July. 

The ASD Program is for residents of Boulder County, between the ages of 3 and 22, who live at home with their parents, have a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and are not eligible for or receiving other services through Imagine!

Each summer, Imagine! enrolls 20 qualified children, teens and young adults from the registration waiting list. Funds are then allocated for therapeutic services for three years for each individual enrolled: $5,000 the first year, $3,500 the second year, and $2,000 the third (and final) year. Funds can be used for several categories of therapeutic services.

For a complete description of the ASD Program, examples of the services for which these funds can be used, and an online registration form, go to Imagine!’s web site or click here.
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