Farewell Emmy

Posted on Monday, May 02, 2016

Farewell Emmy
If you know anything about ASBC you know Emmy Conroy.  Emmy has been the President of the Autism Society of Boulder County for over four years.  She has been the heart, soul, smile, hugs, brains and grit of ASBC for so long it is hard to imagine the organization without her.  However all good things come to an end and Emmy is retiring from the board and as ASBC president.  Her good bye letter is below.  ASBC and the entire Boulder County Autism community can not begin to describe the depths of our appreciation for all Emmy has done. She has been an amazing leader and will be deeply missed.  While she will no longer be leading our organization she will still be around. If you see her give her a hug and tell her that story about how she changed your life for the better.  We know you have one.

Thank you Emmy!  

Yes, I am resigning/retiring from the ASBC Board of Directors. I was hoping to leave without anybody noticing.

I have enjoyed volunteering for ASBC and meeting all the wonderful families we serve. I leave with so many great memories. I joined the Board with a group of friends whose mission was to keep this organization from folding and to create a sense of community for all families affected by autism. We did that and more. I leave the Board in the hands of a new set of friends who I know will continue to keep our organization flourishing. ASBC is at the next step that some thriving Autism Society of America affiliates find themselves in. We have many programs and not enough people to help keep those programs going.

I urge you to consider volunteering for ASBC. Some of my fondest memories have been at events where we had community volunteers helping us. The events always felt more like a large family gathering. You know what I mean if you have attended our Open gyms, Skate clinics, bike clinics and rafting trips. You can start with only an hour or two.

Our open gym events were started because a mother wanted her son to be able to attend an open gym. Her son was teenager and needed a sensory friendly gym experience which was not being offered at the time. She approached ASBC and we gave her the go ahead to organize it. One person can make a difference. You have to be willing to work to make possibilities happen.

In serving ASBC, I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of those in our community like Centennial Wine and Spirits, Post Brewing Company, Big Red F group and Airborne Gymnastics to name a few. They have supported our families and have improved our lives in many ways. Please consider thanking them whenever you can. Let them know how they have made a difference in your life.

Our current Board is filled with amazing individuals who have so much expertise to offer the Autism Society of Boulder County which makes leaving even harder.

For those on this Autism journey, don’t go through it alone. ASBC provides plenty of opportunities for you to connect with others who understand who you are and the challenges you face. Everyone deserves the chance to be happy and successful. ASBC is here to help.

For me, I will remember to step out of my comfort zone and embrace changes. I plan on taking a much needed hiatus. Three teenagers at home over the summer will keep me busy enough.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunities and memories.

Emmy Trevino-Conroy


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